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Beach time without pollution

This summer I spent time on the beaches of Hilton Head, SC and Lake Worth, FL. It was nice to see people controlling their trash and throwing it away. The beaches were clean, which means less pollution going out to sea. Thank you everyone who cleans up after themselves at the beach. It does make a difference!

hilton head Hilton Head, SC

Hilton Head, SC and Lake Worth, FL Lake Worth, FL


3 W’s on Recycling: Why, What and Where?

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According to, Solid Waste Services (2013), “Do you know why it’s important to recycle? Interested in what happens to the items you recycle? Wondering why certain items can’t be recycled? Click here for all the answers and a variety of additional recycling information”.


‘Garbage Island’ aka ‘Trash Island’ is my reason for WHY recycling should be on the minds of every human being.  Last year in my environmental economics class, our professor showed us images of this body of water in the Pacific Ocean.  All this garbage pollutes our sea life.  As of today, this massive floating pile of trash is the size of Texas.


Who is responsible for this pile of trash?  We are responsible for it. That is WHY we all need to make a habit to recycle our garbage. Recycling or Reusing protects are planet and our natural resources.


CharlotteGOVChannel published on July, 18, 2013

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Questions to Ponder:

How do you feel about recycling?

Does the images or videos help with WHY, WHAT & WHERE to recycle?