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Plastic vs Nature

The Midway Atoll located in the North Pacific Ocean near the Hawaiian Islands is the halfway point for many birds. This video shows the destruction of plastic on birds. Published on YouTube, February 19, 2013 by xXAzetXx.

Please stop and think before you use more plastic.

Our trash is killing animals by the millions.  Birds are one of many animals who become victims to plastic trash, but there is a solution! Properly disposing our plastic, Recycling or Reusing is one of many ways to help with our trash dilemma.

sperm whale

Sperm whale washed up in the Netherlands this past summer. The whale died from “stomach obstruction after accidentally ingesting plastic”(Realnews24, 2013).  Unfortunately, whales have become subjected to increase in plastic pollution. Whales travel thousands of miles across oceans which makes them vulnerable to pollution located in floating islands of trash. March of 2013, “a 10 meter long sperm whale washed up on Spain’s South Coast, This whale had swallowed 59 different plastic items totaling over 37 pounds”(Realnews24, 2013).

Social media can be part of the solution. Sharing with our friends, family and colleagues photos or videos can make a difference in human behaviors. It breaks my heart to see animals dying because humans are careless.  As I stated before, recycling can help with our trash problem. In a previous blog, I shared with you 3 W’s to Recycling – ‘What, Where and Why’. Please try and recycle more each day. Your small contribution can have a huge impact on the future.

Questions to Ponder:

Do you have any cool ideas for reusing plastic?

Did you know most grocery stores collect plastic bags?

Reusable bags are the best practice to reducing plastic bags.


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Plastic roads in India can reduce our carbon footprint

So cool! I’m glad to see other ways to recycle plastic.


Plastic waste is a big environmental problem in India.  In its recent submission to the Supreme Court, the Central Pollution Control Board said four metros, including Chennai (419.4 tonnes a day) were the major plastic waste generators in the country. It is littered on roadside, because of which waterbodies get choked. In 2005, after monsoon rains flooded Mumbai, plastic bags were blamed for clogging the underground drainage system and intensifying the effect of the floods. Nowadays the cattle in the streets used to eat the plastics and dies because of it. In lucknow more than 2500 cows died in a single year because of the same reason. Landfills are growing like a monster and make the pollution in surrounding locations.


Plastic road is an effective way to reduce the recycled plastic waste. Although it not replacing the bitumen completely, but replacing it with 10% of waste plastic. Already K.K. Plastic…

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“R” in the word Recycle is knowing what is recyclable, which can make cool accessories.


According to EPA, Americans need to recycle more.

Have you heard about the “MRF” which sounds like murf?

The Material Recovery Facility takes all the recycled materials onto conveyer belts, which sorts the materials.  Workers help the MRF with some of the materials ,which are not acceptable for recycling.  Please enjoy a short YouTube video displaying the MRF in action. This video was animated and illustrated by Jonathan Stephens on May 11, 2011.

REPREVE has a vision to “reprieve for the planet” by making new materials from recycled materials, which are transformed into REPREVE fiber.  Manufacturing with recycled material uses less petroleum that lowers greenhouse gases, that reduces the carbon foot print.  Another great fact about manufacturing recycled material, it uses less water by using less energy.  According to Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), (2009) “water efficiency saves energy” by reduces the water process to the end user.

Trust and transparency are two components of REPREVE’s values. The fiber is certified by Fiberprint Technology, which has the compatibility to analysis any material by testing the fabric or product.

Responsible Source certifies REPREVE’s fabric as “environmentally and socially responsible product”. “Recycled materials including used plastic bottles create the Repreve fiber”.  The fiber is made into thread, which can be used to make clothes or accessories.

Lauren Conrad, a famous personality, fashion designer and author, who is popular among young women, recently joined REPREVE’s vision to help save the planet by “launching her BlueAvocado XO(eco) collection of sustainable and reusable lifestyle products made with REPREVE recycled fibers”. 

I love hearing about celebrities motivating individuals to help protect the planet. They have the ability to connect with people around the world.  Celebrities’ influence is a powerful tool, which is why I want to support Lauren Conrad’s mission.  Please go to her website and learn more or shop her fabulous items.