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Friendship Gardens


2 thoughts on “Friendship Gardens

  1. Garden Party: Sat.28, 7-10pm, $50 fee to support non-profit feeding those in need. FG and FT are changing the world one plate at a time. #Create401 @ocomfly @JenReid3 @QueensUSGBC

  2. Wow, Jennifer, this video is fantastic! It was so neat to see “Friendship Gardens” partnering with “Habitat For Humanity”. This is such a great project for that lady and her daughter. I come from generations of family farming, but I could manage to find a way to kill plastic plants. Nearly all of my family members have had gigantic gardens every summer for as long as I can remember. I guess I got the “Geek” gene instead of a “Green Thumb”! After watching how they are using the wooden frame, that looks like the makings of a sandbox, I’m feeling a bit inspired. Maybe I’ll attempt to produce some good veggies next summer. That way, if I can’t get anything to grow, I’ll just turn it into a sandbox! 🙂 BTW, now I know how you got the link to my “primary” blog. It gets filled in automatically via WordPress.

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