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GreenBuild 2014


I can hardly wait to go to GreenBuild 2014 in New Orleans, LA.

Since Katrina, New Orleans has been rebuilding their city and history, but this time with sustainability as their focal point. I’m exciting to learn more about alternative energy, green building, architectural design, energy efficiency, water conservation, and much more……

New Orleans is one of the most historical places on earth. Now this city can influence other cities to make green changes for improving future sustainability practices.

One of my dreams will be coming true next week.  Listening to jazz, sitting in a historical bar and watching people from all over the world listening to amazing music.

Maybe I’ll get lucky and run into Harry Connick, Jr…… I’ve been a fan since I was 17yrs. old.

Dreams do come true!

GreenBuild 2014 in New Orleans.

USGBC Louisiana sharing everything that is “F” in New Orleans.


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Plastic roads in India can reduce our carbon footprint

So cool! I’m glad to see other ways to recycle plastic.


Plastic waste is a big environmental problem in India.  In its recent submission to the Supreme Court, the Central Pollution Control Board said four metros, including Chennai (419.4 tonnes a day) were the major plastic waste generators in the country. It is littered on roadside, because of which waterbodies get choked. In 2005, after monsoon rains flooded Mumbai, plastic bags were blamed for clogging the underground drainage system and intensifying the effect of the floods. Nowadays the cattle in the streets used to eat the plastics and dies because of it. In lucknow more than 2500 cows died in a single year because of the same reason. Landfills are growing like a monster and make the pollution in surrounding locations.


Plastic road is an effective way to reduce the recycled plastic waste. Although it not replacing the bitumen completely, but replacing it with 10% of waste plastic. Already K.K. Plastic…

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