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Want to learn more about NC solar vs utilities?

Sorry, I haven’t posted in a while, but found this to be an interesting fact for North Carolina. According to Doug Peeples, “it really is not surprising that the utility proposals were not approved. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, $787 million was invested in home, business and utility solar in 2013, an increase of 156 percent over the previous year. The solar association and others rank the state as fourth in the country in installed solar capacity” (January 7, 2015 | By )

I’m happy to see the increase of solar because I believe it can help make Americans more sustainable. That is my dream!


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Organic gardening at Queens University of Charlotte, NC

I’m excited to share Queens University students progress growing an organic garden this Fall 2014.

Queens University organic garden is growing spinach and lettuce for the dining hall. Fall semester 2014

Queens University organic garden is growing spinach and lettuce for the dining hall. Fall semester 2014

IMG_2402U.S. Green Building Council student group built five raised beds this summer. Local businesses helped make this garden a reality. Valley Crest Landscape Design donated the irrigation system. Lowe’s Hardware on Iverson Way gave us a discount on building materials. Henson’s Inc. who is a leader in wood waste recycling donated mulch and compost.

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GreenBuild 2014


I can hardly wait to go to GreenBuild 2014 in New Orleans, LA.

Since Katrina, New Orleans has been rebuilding their city and history, but this time with sustainability as their focal point. I’m exciting to learn more about alternative energy, green building, architectural design, energy efficiency, water conservation, and much more……

New Orleans is one of the most historical places on earth. Now this city can influence other cities to make green changes for improving future sustainability practices.

One of my dreams will be coming true next week.  Listening to jazz, sitting in a historical bar and watching people from all over the world listening to amazing music.

Maybe I’ll get lucky and run into Harry Connick, Jr…… I’ve been a fan since I was 17yrs. old.

Dreams do come true!

GreenBuild 2014 in New Orleans.

USGBC Louisiana sharing everything that is “F” in New Orleans.

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Beach time without pollution

This summer I spent time on the beaches of Hilton Head, SC and Lake Worth, FL. It was nice to see people controlling their trash and throwing it away. The beaches were clean, which means less pollution going out to sea. Thank you everyone who cleans up after themselves at the beach. It does make a difference!

hilton head Hilton Head, SC

Hilton Head, SC and Lake Worth, FL Lake Worth, FL

Reducing our Carbon Footprint with Renewable Energy

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National Sierra Club’s short video using infographics to engage the viewer. Coal is making our kids sick with #asthma. People living near #coalash have tons of #healthissues. #burningcoal adds #pollution into our air and water. Forests are being destroyed for coal but we can Reduce or need for coal by supporting Renewable Energy. #Iowa is doing their part by implementing #wind and #solar. I encourage you to support laws chaining the way we use coal and other natural resources for energy. #climatechange is happening and we can help prevent increasing #carbon.

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Plastic vs Nature

The Midway Atoll located in the North Pacific Ocean near the Hawaiian Islands is the halfway point for many birds. This video shows the destruction of plastic on birds. Published on YouTube, February 19, 2013 by xXAzetXx.

Please stop and think before you use more plastic.

Our trash is killing animals by the millions.  Birds are one of many animals who become victims to plastic trash, but there is a solution! Properly disposing our plastic, Recycling or Reusing is one of many ways to help with our trash dilemma.

sperm whale

Sperm whale washed up in the Netherlands this past summer. The whale died from “stomach obstruction after accidentally ingesting plastic”(Realnews24, 2013).  Unfortunately, whales have become subjected to increase in plastic pollution. Whales travel thousands of miles across oceans which makes them vulnerable to pollution located in floating islands of trash. March of 2013, “a 10 meter long sperm whale washed up on Spain’s South Coast, This whale had swallowed 59 different plastic items totaling over 37 pounds”(Realnews24, 2013).

Social media can be part of the solution. Sharing with our friends, family and colleagues photos or videos can make a difference in human behaviors. It breaks my heart to see animals dying because humans are careless.  As I stated before, recycling can help with our trash problem. In a previous blog, I shared with you 3 W’s to Recycling – ‘What, Where and Why’. Please try and recycle more each day. Your small contribution can have a huge impact on the future.

Questions to Ponder:

Do you have any cool ideas for reusing plastic?

Did you know most grocery stores collect plastic bags?

Reusable bags are the best practice to reducing plastic bags.