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Want to learn more about NC solar vs utilities?

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Sorry, I haven’t posted in a while, but found this to be an interesting fact for North Carolina. According to Doug Peeples, “it really is not surprising that the utility proposals were not approved. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, $787 million was invested in home, business and utility solar in 2013, an increase of 156 percent over the previous year. The solar association and others rank the state as fourth in the country in installed solar capacity” (January 7, 2015 | By )

I’m happy to see the increase of solar because I believe it can help make Americans more sustainable. That is my dream!


Author: Jennifer Reid

Caring wife and mom, who wants to change daily habits for improving the environment. I believe that each person can make subtle changes. Recycling is one of those subtle changes. Learning about how and what is recyclable can lower energy, water and natural resources. Our earth is limited with her resources. Be kind to her and she will be kind to us. Please think before you consume or throw away!

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