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What does cancer and chemicals have in common?

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My mind is overloaded. Every day we hear new research about the potential causes of cancer. Then we hear from other sources the research is not significantly enough to know for sure what causes cancer. What does that really mean,”significantly enough”?  My gut tells me, there is a connection to chemicals and cancer. What does your gut tell you?

You hear about the “C” word all the time. Kids, young adults and mothers & fathers of young children getting cancer.  I feel vulnerable and lost. We want to trust government to do the right thing but I can only wonder if government is being bullied by lobbyist. Why are we allowing “Big Business” to call the shots in Washington, DC?

So far this blog has shared recycling and organic food tips and facts. Conversations about why it’s important to recycle, where to recycle and what to recycle have been helpful to readers, but my heart is leaning towards organic efforts for living green.

Chemicals are all around us, that is why I hope to enlighten you with tips or facts on sustainable practices. The world we live in has more opportunities then ever before to use social media as a tool for changing government and “Big Business” practices. 
 Video published by denisewh1 on March 17, 2011.

I found this great document on safer chemicals. Please open the pdf to read more about what is being said on chemicals today.

Please share your story with me so your voice can be heard………..
  • Have you experienced cancer?
  • Do you know anyone with cancer?
  • Did the doctors recommend organic or chemical free products?

Author: Jennifer Reid

Caring wife and mom, who wants to change daily habits for improving the environment. I believe that each person can make subtle changes. Recycling is one of those subtle changes. Learning about how and what is recyclable can lower energy, water and natural resources. Our earth is limited with her resources. Be kind to her and she will be kind to us. Please think before you consume or throw away!

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