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“Organic” gardening

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“O” in ROAR stands for Organic.

Over the past ten years, I have come to understand the word organic and what it really means, and why it’s more expensive then other foods. The reason I wanted to know more about organic foods was due to cost. My budget could not afford to buy all organic foods. Every time I went to the grocery store, I would continually get upset about the cost difference Why? I had to find out more.

Organic foods cost more because it’s not the norm. BIG BUSINESS farming has dictated the way we buy our food, the prices we pay and the way its transported. Local farmers struggle to produce large quantities of organic foods which increases the demand and the price. Not using conventional methods like pesticides creates challenges for farmers who grow organically because the farmer has to find alternative methods which are time consuming.

Once I realized the reasons for higher prices then I learned about the health benefits of organic foods. Reading every piece of literature on organic foods brought me to a decision. My decision was to be as organic as possible, regardless of price, because my health was the most important thing in my life. I’m a mom of three children,a wife, a sister, a friend and active citizen.

Today’s post shares my views on why individuals need to pay more attention to food labels. Understanding the health benefits for eating organic can actually save you money. How? I truely believe pesticides, fertilizers and genetically modified foods are a major reason for increase in cancer, obesity and other illnesses.

This year I turned 40! As my birthday year…. was fast approaching, I reflected on my health. My best friend of 30 years was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. After long talks, she shared with me her doctor’s recommendations. Get off sugar, eat organic and try to eat unprocessed foods. Wow! All the literature I’ve been reading is actually true. This is the reality we live in. CANCER is ramped among kids, young adults and people who don’t smoke. How can this be affecting so many people? I honestly think it’s our food.

Today cancer researchers believe pesticides are one main cause for the increased cancer. Research has been done on the effects of pesticides on the human body for years, but now more studies are showing the possible cause and effect, pesticides have as it relates to cancers.

According to EPA,”Health Problems Pesticides May Pose Laboratory studies show that pesticides can cause health problems, such as birth defects, nerve damage, cancer, and other effects that might occur over a long period of time. However, these effects depend on how toxic the pesticide is and how much of it is consumed. Some pesticides also pose unique health risks to children”.

This summer was my first time growing green beans, cucumbers, tomatoes and basil with no chemicals. I’m proud to say “I grew beautiful organic vegetables all summer long with no help from pesticides”. I can only imagine the health benefits. Using chemicals to kill bugs or disease cannot be good for the vegetable either. Why do we garden with pesticides in the first place? My opinion is BIG BUSINESS, which means MONEY. When farmers can produce faster growing foods and not bother with natural ways to kill disease or bugs, then the natural process is stripped away from that vegetable. Nature is amazing powerful thing that should not be taken for granted. We cannot manipulate nature to make enormous amounts of foods and justify the reasons for doing so because of population. America makes more food than any country but we still have starving people.

Here is a link to Mayo Clinic’s website on organic food versus conventional foods (BIG BUSINESS)

Why should we live green? Because I feel living green each day is about choices.

Questions to ponder:

  • Do you feel organic foods are beneficial to you?
  • Do you think spending more now on healthier food will reduce your future health cost?

        We can choose whether to buy organic or support local farmers in our area. We can choose not to support Big Business Farming. We can learn to grow organic vegetables in our own backyards, on rooftops, side of our houses, in community parks or anywhere you can build a raised bed garden. Learn more at Friendship Gardens

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Author: Jennifer Reid

Caring wife and mom, who wants to change daily habits for improving the environment. I believe that each person can make subtle changes. Recycling is one of those subtle changes. Learning about how and what is recyclable can lower energy, water and natural resources. Our earth is limited with her resources. Be kind to her and she will be kind to us. Please think before you consume or throw away!

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