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CBS broke a story about recycling electronic waste


Is recycling electronics the best way to live green? CBS uncovered illegal smuggling of electronic waste. Unethical behavior from America’s recycling companies is slowly killing underprivileged people and profiting from it. Recycled electronics are poisoning China’s poverty stricken people which defeats the purpose of living green.


Author: Jennifer Reid

Caring wife and mom, who wants to change daily habits for improving the environment. I believe that each person can make subtle changes. Recycling is one of those subtle changes. Learning about how and what is recyclable can lower energy, water and natural resources. Our earth is limited with her resources. Be kind to her and she will be kind to us. Please think before you consume or throw away!

2 thoughts on “CBS broke a story about recycling electronic waste

  1. Hello Jen,

    I am so glad I came upon your blog. You have some interesting content here and I will be stopping by again. The CBS story on recycling e-waste is informative especially since this topic is close to my heart. I also did a blog on the issue of e-waste recently. Please check it out when you can.

    Good luck with your future posts!

    • Hi Mrig,

      I just saw your blog and absolutely love the photo on your front page. It’s miraculous! It looks like you and I share the same passion for saving earth and natural resources. The CBS story was sent to me by a friend. When I saw the video, I knew I had to share it. This blog started as a class assignment, but now I feel my heart wanting to keep it going because I’m meeting individuals like you. Last year I joined the US Green Building Council in Charlotte, NC, which sheds light on a variety of environmental issues. Every day I learn something new when it comes to protecting or saving natural resources.

      Please continue to share your thoughts or stories on this blog. My twitter handle is @JenReid3.

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